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Over the years Ray has been a huge advocate of giving up his time for charitable causes, often getting involved in matters that have personal meaning to him and now he is thrilled to be a Celebrity Ambassador of the charity Buliies Out of which he has been for the past three years.



The Charity

Since 2006, with the help of their supporters, they have helped make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of children and young people affected by bullying.


They believe that learning is the foundation for life and can help raise confidence, self-esteem and motivate young people to achieve their aspirations and career choice. Bullies Out recognise that barriers to learning, such as bullying, can prevent people from recognising and achieving their full potential. By ensuring that children and young people understand what constitutes as bullying and are equipped with the skills, confidence and self-esteem to report bullying incidents, they can improve their emotional health and well-being. Annually

To find out more about Bullies Out, how you can, donate and make a difference, then please click on the logo above or follow them on Twitter @BulliesOut #StandUpSpeakOut

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Ray's Story

It was during the start of my middle school years that I became a victim of cruel bullying, which lasted until my final years at school and all because I was different, but I thought of myself as unique to get through though some very dark days.


I could be walking through school, sitting in a classroom, during breaks or lunchtime and these bullies would not think anything of it, to just slap me, punch me, threaten me to an inch of my life, steal from me and I just asked myself why, why me? I tried to tell me parents but they didn't seem to understand, I tired to tell my teachers but all they said is that they would keep an eye out around me, I really had no where to turn, I even thought about taking my own life to escape this hurt and pain, but something in me pulled me through these dark moments.


I sincerely hope that supporting Bullies Out, I can draw on my own experiences to help those who have been in my shoes and those who are still being bullied, if I can bring awareness the the amazing work Linda (the founder of Bullies Out) are doing and to also give hope that it is ok to Stand Up and Speak Out, I look forward to working with the charity on a long term basis.





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