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Better known for his appearance as cast member in shows such as ITV’s The Paranormal 5 and Syfy’s Haunting: Australia as Ghost Hunter, to date Ray has appeared on Television internationally including; "United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada, Sweden and Easter Europe".  


Ray has also appeared on such channels as "Sky, Ben TV, Syfy USA, Syfy Australia, Really TV, UKTV, Showcase Channel, KIK, 4ME, 4, Travel & Escape, Chiller Channel, Foxtel, 7 SJuan, Sky" to name but a few.

With as few media opportunities between 1999 to 2007, when in 2007 a major opportunity came knocking for Ray and his ghost hunting team, they were asked to star in a new late night paranormal TV series from ITV West called The Paranormal 5, which has since seen profile rise ever since to new exciting heights.


Born with a natural comedic ability and warm personality as a presenter, Ray is a pure talent within the media fields both on TV, Stage and Radio, while a serious side makes him very diverse in the subject fields he has been asked to work within while keeping his humour, his continual involvement in charity events and gala's or corporate events keeps him very busy. He is often asked on a regular basis to guest on many digital UK and International radio shows, and more recently he was live in the studio in Los Angeles on The Sheena Metal Experience on LA Talk Radio, he was also live from Monterrey Mexico on local radio and in local press, he has also appeared on various shows on Sky TV such as The Kevin Moore Show and also The Sporah Show, with many TV pilot credits, press and magazine to his name as a writer and being interviewed.

As a TV Presenter Ray is very much at home in front of the camera and has since worked on many productions, such as a joint project with TV Polari, as Presenter and the writer of a TV pilot called 'Screamers', with Most Haunted’s demonologist Fred Batt, Live in London TV chat show, London TV Calling which was aired recently in New York and Ghostly Getaways a TV pilot also written by Ray.


His thirty year passion for the paranormal eventually lead to opportunities such as filming with BBC3 talent department, being asked to appear on The Graham Norton Show (which Ray and his team declined) filming as part of the Vision News paranormal team ‘Vision Paranormal’, previously to this Ray starred in a very minor role in a UK based film as a Russian soldier called Nine Dead Gay Guys, a British comedy by 9 Films starring Stephen Berkoff and Carol Decker. He also went behind the scenes with a Living TV series called Ghost Towns which was filming in Salisbury, he was later asked to be a future advisory on a forth coming television episode. With being asked to work on TV pilots, starring in them, Radio show guesting roles and many further media/press credits added to his name and further projects in the pipeline Ray is sure to be on our screens again in the very near future.


This year Ray will be concentrating on new TV Presenting work outside of the paranormal genre, while still working within the paranormal fields.


Ray has recently been ranked in the

LGBTI+ UK Top 500 Social Media Powerlist  

social media influencers among us.